SFM Cloth Dolls with Attitude! NZ

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Ritualizing change in our life.

 I am proud to show you two dolls made by Jean Bousfield, originally from South Africa, now living in NZ and a devoted member of our Oamaru Cloth Doll Crafters, (OCDC) group.

Jean was feeling homesick and grieving.  Making these dolls helped her to acknowledge her country of origin and the people she recognized and admired from the region she lived in.  The experience, the time she took and the thought that went into presenting the dolls, Jean found to be a therapeutic process in helping her to settle in to a new country and to find a place to belong.

Jean used Michelle Munzone's Afri Coco pattern as a base for her mother figure.  The child figure came from Jill Maas 'Annie' pattern - a wonderful fit!  I think they are delightful!

Making a doll is a very creative way to ritualise change and we have talked a lot about it as a means of getting a sense of our place in the world.  I think it is age old!


Shashi Nayagam said...

Sharon your dolls are wonderful