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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Ritualizing change in our life.

 I am proud to show you two dolls made by Jean Bousfield, originally from South Africa, now living in NZ and a devoted member of our Oamaru Cloth Doll Crafters, (OCDC) group.

Jean was feeling homesick and grieving.  Making these dolls helped her to acknowledge her country of origin and the people she recognized and admired from the region she lived in.  The experience, the time she took and the thought that went into presenting the dolls, Jean found to be a therapeutic process in helping her to settle in to a new country and to find a place to belong.

Jean used Michelle Munzone's Afri Coco pattern as a base for her mother figure.  The child figure came from Jill Maas 'Annie' pattern - a wonderful fit!  I think they are delightful!

Making a doll is a very creative way to ritualise change and we have talked a lot about it as a means of getting a sense of our place in the world.  I think it is age old!

Monday, March 18, 2013

More from the Timaru Workshop

 Here I am all businesslike with tools in hand - that's Joy and Barbara in the background diligently working away!
Teaching  the finer points about stuffing with Joyce!
Getting  intently involved now........
At last - a bevy of smiling beauties - most are hairless - not you Joyce - and some can even stand, considering I forgot to bring wire for their armatures!  Still, this was always more about learning how to needle-sculpt and I think that was very successful!  

You'll notice the bodies are all different?  That's due to different fabrics used and stuffing methods.

I think I have caused a lot of people to become addicted to cloth doll-making and I'm not even sorry! 

 I had such a great time sharing my passion and cloth doll artistry with people who certainly seemed to appreciate learning how to do it.  Can't wait to go back to Timaru!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Timaru Workshop March 2013

I've just had a wonderful time in Timaru this weekend, teaching how to make my doll "Krista" to a lovely group of women who had hardly ever made dolls before!  A lot had done quilting and other sewing and crafts, so it was a bit of a challenge for them.  They were willing and intent - a bit frustrated and sometimes daunted by the vagaries of this  new challenge - and they all came through with flying colours which made me so proud of them and their efforts!

 We had some fun with bits and pieces!
 Some intense work going on down there with Joy and Barbara
 There's Krista overseeing all the odd shaped heads in production - body parts waiting to be  coloured and assembled!
 A platter of heads - all shapes, sizes and personalities coming through.  Great variety of eye colour.  some heads made form quilters muslin, and homespun cotton. I think everyone was amazed at how well they all turned out and how each doll shows it's character.

 Trying on hair and hats and being comfortable in her skin is Krista - having a rest!
I hope to have more pics to show soon!  Id' love to see these dolls dressed.  Everyone went away with plans about how they would make them and what hair colour they would use.  Lyn was keen to make another one right away!  Hope she does!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Dolls made from my patterns

I am proud to present Laurel - made from my "Krista" pattern, by Allison Ward! Isn't she wonderful?

This next one was made from my Jessie & Jack pattern - so cute!  They were made by Beth Duncan and called - Facing the inevitable!  Just amazingly talented dollmakers!  It gives me a real kick to see what people make!