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Thursday, January 10, 2013

During the holidays............

This is a Frankenweenie look-a-like I designed.  It's about four inches tall and made from quilters muslin, black calico and one real bolt through his neck!  I gave him away for Xmas.

 Two more Xmas presents for my granddaughter Claudia - Black Beauty and the Unicorn!

This is my own design from an idea I saw.  I call it "Odd Bird!"

 I got hung up on Coleen Babcocks mystery pattern,  I couldn;t get past the long legs after seeing stitl walkers at the local Victorian Fete, so thought I'd have a go and see if I could make it stand.
 Shoes made in a previous shoe making class with Diane Keeler!  Just the right size!

I made a mask - because you have to have one of course!

She needed a bit more boob, so .....

And then I made a Bat!  A balancing Bat.  Thought I might put a ball with it and call it "Balancing Bats & Balls',  for fun!

After Frankenweenie, I thought I'd make a chihuahua as a pet for dolls, so here is "Chi'!
So this is what I have been busy doing over the holidays.  Making these little things and making patterns from  some of them.


Unknown said...

que trabajadora,me gusta todo mucho