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Thursday, January 10, 2013

During the holidays............

This is a Frankenweenie look-a-like I designed.  It's about four inches tall and made from quilters muslin, black calico and one real bolt through his neck!  I gave him away for Xmas.

 Two more Xmas presents for my granddaughter Claudia - Black Beauty and the Unicorn!

This is my own design from an idea I saw.  I call it "Odd Bird!"

 I got hung up on Coleen Babcocks mystery pattern,  I couldn;t get past the long legs after seeing stitl walkers at the local Victorian Fete, so thought I'd have a go and see if I could make it stand.
 Shoes made in a previous shoe making class with Diane Keeler!  Just the right size!

I made a mask - because you have to have one of course!

She needed a bit more boob, so .....

And then I made a Bat!  A balancing Bat.  Thought I might put a ball with it and call it "Balancing Bats & Balls',  for fun!

After Frankenweenie, I thought I'd make a chihuahua as a pet for dolls, so here is "Chi'!
So this is what I have been busy doing over the holidays.  Making these little things and making patterns from  some of them.

Happy New Year! New Year - new things to do!

I am delighted to say I have been invited to help Karen Mallory coordinate the Cloth Doll Studio on Clothy Doll Artistry this year!  I'm really looking forward to connecting with people who make love making dolls like I do and being inspired by them! It will be a busy year for me, so I am hoping I will keep up with everything ok.  I have been busy these holidays making small doll animals which has been a lot of fun.