SFM Cloth Dolls with Attitude! NZ

Monday, September 24, 2012

Here are some faces Raelene & I have made.  We did one each together so she could get the hang of sculpting the face.  She hated it until she put the whiskers on, and - what a transformation!  I did the one on the left, using a finer Pigma pen, and she did the other using a thicker pigma pen, which is noticable on the eyes and look so much more dramatic!  Not exactly cheerful looking, but a step on the way!  More like a couple of the Dwarfs escaped from a Snow White story!  LOL!

Here's another bigger Santa face - practicing! 
The other smaller ones I have used in my new Class on fabric Addictions, available very soon.

What a great idea - a
green Troll!

These other dolls are all Adrianne's.  She's been very busy and loves making dolls for other people.  She can only join us infrequently, but is enjoying her dollmaking.
This cheeky chappy is a Jill Maas made by Adrianne   So cute!

Saturday, September 1, 2012


July/August has been cold and extremely wet, so two classes were cancelled and only the odd one turning up to work on projects, but they've been staying in touch, telling me they're all working away at home on their projects.

Seems a bit creepy this time!  LOL!  I've been playing around with Steam Punk Softies - great fun to make, but takes longer than you would think!  My grandsons think they are way cool!

Joanne has had her pixie in body parts for weeks, and was pleased to finally get them together and have him actually stand!  Clothing will make all the difference.  She did all that without any instructions - pretty darn good for a new doll maker!
Now this cute face belongs to a Troll out of a magazine, that Jo has had on the go, also for months!  She learned a lot about sculpting making this!  Love the hair!  Could be a male or female!  The name Fabiano comes to mind!  LOL!  Can't wait to see him finished.

Meantime, I'm busy enough making patterns flat out, setting up for a new workshop with Fabric Addictions, starting soon.  I'm also making dolls for the Steam Punk Exhibition, making a dress for the Massive Mannequin - earlier posts, and preparing some bits and pieces for the Strawberry Fare in November. I'm on the hop, so to speak!