SFM Cloth Dolls with Attitude! NZ

Sunday, June 24, 2012

 I'm making a BIG Doll!  I have an opportunity to make a figure for Spring season.  This is the old Dressmakers dummy and I am giving it 'bones' and fleshing it out.
 Lots of padding............
 Now a Toile..........
 A fitting..........
 Back view......
She's a buxom lass - 44 - 30 - 44!  She's got a bra on under there to give her a more definitive shape. Not bad eh?  Can you see the face waiting in the background?  I didn't use it in the end. This will be a Victorian woman, possibly Steam Punk.  It's for The Oamaru Textile Exchange - an entrance eyecatcher!  Hope it all works!

My old granny is nearly finished.  Her shoes turned into boots and I might have to put buttons on them now.  I didn't know about a hat.  What do you think?  She might need a cat or a book or something.  Yes I am making a pattern of this and may even have it as a class.  Not sure just yet.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Still playing!  Not finished by any means yet, but had to get it this far so the Art Gallery director can check it out for the exhibition for the concept.  Only one shoe partially done!  She's trying to decide on the pearls or not, and probably won't have that hat on.  She's a comfy old gal though she looks a little staid here - but that'll change!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Trying on a 'look'.  Nice draping fabric here - an old skirt, with a small pattern.  This is the front of the piece I cut out, just draped over to see if it all 'goes'.  The hair and head are just perched on the body just now.  Trying out is very important in the process.  This small print in the dark colour will be good to embellish with some other detail.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

I'm working on another doll.  Here she is in all her glory, patiently waiting for me to decide what she will be dressed in.  She is the basis of another pattern I am working on, but will also feature in an exhibition for next year.  She has the look of a gardner to me, but might just judge Roses!  Who knows?

Thursday, June 7, 2012

This pretty pink Ballerina is the second doll made by a new member of our group, Heather!  She is a Sarnie pattern and just looks lovely!  Heather has made  good job of her and her wee shoes look so cute!  Love those eyes!  AShe used Tibettan lambswool for the hair - good choice!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

I've had a lovely Queen's Birthday weekend at The Oamaru Textile Exchange, with the crafting ladies, and where I sell my dolls.  It's in the Victorian Precinct of Oamaru and members of the Co-operative that run the shop, make and sell traditional articles of clothing. 

I was there to demonstrate needle sculpting and others were demonstrating what they do.  If you doubleclick on the pictures, you will just see my doll display in the back and in the foreground, examples of needlesculpting and a rug made from Spindle Spinning!  So thick & warm!

The other picture is the old traditional craft of Lacemaking.  I'm told that families had their own patterns that they always made and was known as theirs.  Even the children would learn their family pattern.  Maybe the same was said for those that wove family tartans?  I don't know.  A piece of lace like this now adorns my Miss Kate doll's dress!  It was a horseshoe design, that fitted around the neck of her bolero and just set it off!

I tried my hand at needlefelting, and I think it's something I could like.  I have some ideas!