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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sustainable Oamaru Workshop 2012

I have just had a very satisfying weekend workshop - with one participant!  I am very happy because Helen completed her doll in exactly the right amount of time I had set out.

 It was an interesting experience for me watching someone following my pattern 'Krista', but also seeing how the sessions just flowed, in this one-on-one experience - although we did have some visitors and even had time to go for a quick walk!
Here the stuffing is all done and the shoes are drying from their undercoat of Gesso.  Preparations are underway for attaching the legs to the body.

At last  - attached after two attempts and getting the legs in the right position - just anything won't do, you know!  Long leggity lady is this doll!  We needle sculpted and coloured the body, arms & legs as we went, so it was all ready to go when it was time to attach.

Ahh!  She stands - well almost!
The head - we decided on a small modification.

Three heads are better than one!  We decided to do one together for some really good tuition.  Worked quite well wouldn't you say?  We were delighted with the results and had trouble deciding which was which!

At last the head is sewn on and she is all but finished!  We only had time then to play around with wigs and Helen decided which one she liked best.  She has promised to send me a picture of her doll dressed and finished, which I will post when I get it.

Helen was an excellent student and said she thoroughly enjoyed the experience and is seriously thinking of coming to our weekly OCDC next year! (She's doing embroidery this year)  She will be a welcome asset to our group!


Mary Ann Tate said...

Looks like fun:) I see that you use covered buttons ??? to attach the arms and legs. That's a very good idea.

SFM Cloth dolls With Attitude! said...

Hi Mary Ann - yes it's part of this pattern, so children cal play with this doll safely. Both the arms and legs move.

Linzi said...

Hi there Sharon,I called in a year ago after buying a painting from your neighbour, and wonder if I could drop in again? I have just done the first baby bunting! I will be in your area this Friday. Will you be home>? Linzi