SFM Cloth Dolls with Attitude! NZ

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Joanne is putting together an elf.  Not bad considering she is new to dollmaking, and also that pattern had no instructions with it!  She is quite talented in the way of sewing!  I'm dying to know what it will look like in the end!

Well here's the heads!  Would you believe they are the same doll head?  It's all in the sculpting and colouring!
Julie has many dolls on the go.  Some are UFO's that she is wanting to tackle - as well as doing the monthly mini workshop we do!

Olive is enjoying Jean's antics of avoiding the camera!  She is making a baby Troll and getting her head around how it all goes together!  nhext week she's going to Lacemaking!  She's very talented too!

Jean has been recuperating from a motorbile accident, so coming to OCDC keeps her connected - and she's a tremendous help to me, which is most important!  Here's Raelene showing us the beautiful book she made at scrapbooking!  I love it!  Raelene is multitalented too!  I'm so grateful to be surrounded by these women who share their skills and talents with me! 



Colleen said...

Happy Easter to you too, Sharon!