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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Another little doll about to get it's head!  Jodie has been learning how to needlesculpt the head on one of my patterns I called Jessie.  She's calling it Gabby because her little girl has the same colour hair!  Jodie is working on three Trolls as well - Easter presents for her children!

I'm making a new 'Krista' doll as i sold my last one and I need another one for the workshop I am giving in April.  I thought I'd do a Retro style dress for her as the original doll didn't have a dress pattern.
The dress pattern took longer to design and make than the whole doll!  The main thing is I had great fun making it from panels of plain and spot quilting fabric.  She also has a half petticoat with cotton lace of course, and lacy knickers.  Painted shoes and an appropriate wig to finish her off and  -'Voila'!
Think the ladies will enjoy making this one?

Saturday, March 3, 2012

SFM Cloth Dolls With Attitude!#links

SFM Cloth Dolls With Attitude!#links

A very happy little Troll!
 Troll for Tree
Baby Troll

A day alone today!  Yay!  The last week I have made three baby Trolls, and when I got one finished, my granddaughter grabbed that one and then my sister Tree the next, so I’ve just about finished my third!  I wanted to complete one for my doll class to see if they wanted to make one for Easter.  They turn out different each time I make one!  So cute!  These are Ute's Trolls of course, and don;t take long to make.  You could make them crawling, sleeping, hiding - anything!  They are delightful fun!  Thanks Ute!