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Friday, August 12, 2011

My entry for the Steam Punk Exhibition October 2011

Maximillion Masterfell, fresh from adventurous explorations in the stony Isles of Mauritias, with his guide and erstwhile companion, Professor Theodosia Thrumm, are escorting fierce diminutive ‘Con’, a wee-mannie conservationist Eco Warrior  from ‘way back’! Con is determined to save the Dodo from extinction by introducing them to NZ shores. He hopes to re-categorise them as the forerunner of the pigeon, and thus afford them the sanctuary they deserve!  Masterfell & Thrum are in talks with local Iwi and Doc on the subject and the South Island of NZ will be a natural choice as a suitable location to begin the breeding program!
Sharon Mitchell ~Designer,Maker, & Writer of silly stories! 2011

Professor Theodosia Thrumm!
Close up of Theodosia Thrumm.

Theodosia gets her knickers on!

Notice how I've put the legs on a bit crooked?  That's to give her a more relaxed stance - not that it's noticed when she's dressed!  This body piece is from my new pattern Miss Kate, though I did modify the botoms of the legs with this one.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dodo Eco Warrior!
Dodo  Eco Warrior!
If it seems I've been quiet lately, I've actually been very busy!  It's middle of winter here and there's been lots for me to do in preparation for the Steam Punk Exhibition in October.  I'm doing a three piece work this year - just for fun!  The Dodo Warrior here is part of it and he will go with Maximillian Masterfell and his companion, who you will see soon, so I'm not saying her name yet!  I have aslo made up a quirky story to go with them, which I will share when I get a pic of them all together! She's almost done!  Loved making the Dodo!  This pattern is Suzette Glastonbury Rugulo's, but I chose different fabric to make it and a few additions of my own of course.  I made the wee warrior's shield from the lid of a jam tin stretched with wet leather. (He reminds me of Billy Connelly!)   Sorry the pictures aren't all that clear.  My camera is on it's last legs!  Or maybe it's the winter light - can't be my bad photography!