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Sunday, July 10, 2011

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...........  This is the Trunk I made from a tissue box and here are the construction notes that you can copy and paste to your computer and make them big enough to read, if you want to make one for yourself.  It's all illusion ......the trunk does not open, purely decorative!  Copy some images online of hunges and a clasp, and soem travel labels.  BAck the hinges and clasp with leather or thick card to make it stand out and look like a real one.  Paint the whole things with Mod Podge for a good effect.  I guess if you want it to look really old you could use some of that crackle paint! 
Most of all - have fun!


Clothmatters said...

Sharon- I absolutely love the free trunk pattern you have shared. The illustrations are perfect and easy to follow along.....just like your doll patterns and online classes.