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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Double click on the picture to enlarge.  Right click to print.

...........  This is the Trunk I made from a tissue box and here are the construction notes that you can copy and paste to your computer and make them big enough to read, if you want to make one for yourself.  It's all illusion ......the trunk does not open, purely decorative!  Copy some images online of hunges and a clasp, and soem travel labels.  BAck the hinges and clasp with leather or thick card to make it stand out and look like a real one.  Paint the whole things with Mod Podge for a good effect.  I guess if you want it to look really old you could use some of that crackle paint! 
Most of all - have fun!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

This is Biscuit!  He is a free pattern for you to use, but please give me the credit for designing him.

Requirements for making "Biscuit"!

Knitted short nap fur fabric - a must for this look!

  • Prismacolour pencil - black

  • Three black beads 5mm for eyes and 6mm for nose

  • Scrap of fabric or ribbed ribbon for collar & leash.  Small buckle for collar.

    This is the pattern.  Double click to enlarge.  Right click to print.  In Properties, set to landscape. I made it so it was seven inches tall standing.
    Because I am a novice at soft toy making fabrics, this dog was a happy accident!  If I’d tried to make it like this, it wouldn’t have turned out so well.  This is how I made it!
    Construction notes.
    v Place the pattern pieces on the fabric.  Because it’s knitted, and depending what size stitch you use, the nap is liable to move.  Pin it as much as possible, but little stretches in the fabric will give the fabric a twist, causing the pieces to be an un-uniform fit.  This is what gives the curl in the tail, or the turn of the dogs head and the limbs to look like they are moving.
    v Stuff the pieces and put together in whatever pose you wish – or can!
    v Using Prismacolour pencil black, mark in the eyes, creating shadows.  Also the nose and mouth.  If  the marks need darkening, wet the pencil and rub into the fabric.  Do the same on the back and the tips of the ears and possibly tail.
    v Using the smaller beads, stitch back and forth to create the indent for the eyes and bridge of the nose.
    v The larger bead in the nose – or you can be more creative than I about that!
    v I stitched the ears on, and then bent them forward, anchoring them with thread. 
    v Make a collar.
    v All done – make a pair!  There are two different forelegs for this one!
    Save this to your computer and enlarge to your requirements.

    Saturday, July 2, 2011

    Haven't managed to get a good enough picture for the cover yet - still working on that.  Got to get the angle and the light right. 

    The trunk is just a tissue box which I boxed up in Balsa wood, with pieces over the top to hold the shape.  Wrapped in brown paper, painted it with Gesso to firm it up.  Top coated it with acrylic paint, using black, yellow and a hint of red.  Had some green leather, cut it in strips, wet and stretched it over the edges and pinned it in place.  Squeezed the corners and snipped them.  They just stayed there and set in place as they dried out!  Marked a lid in felt pen, found some travel labels online and stuck them on. Found some hinges and a fastener and stuck them on leather, cut out and stuck them in place. Mod podge'd it all and it was done! It could probably do with some straps and buckles around it, which I have here. Needless to say, it doesn't open - and still has some tissues inside!  LOL!  Actually, it would make a novel tissue box cover! 

    The other round thing is a very unrealistic looking hatbox, which will have to be replaces with something better.

    The dog I designed ages ago, but it looks ok in this setting - gives her something to be doing!