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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Olive treated us to the sight of her lovely Embroidered quilt she is making for her mother - lovely!

Raylene decided to make a really difficult face for her first attempt at doll making!  It's the Black and white one - Patty culea pattern and Arley Berryhills rendition of it.  Talk about complicated!  I had to take the pattern home and learn how to make it myself before I could teach her!  It's been interesting - they laughed at the tutor having homework!  LOL!

Here's Jean hiding behind her doll in the pink bathers.  My new doll is in the green on the table.  Not far from completion now and it will be a bnew pattern, so watch this space!

Olive coming to grips with a new doll, while her other doll looks on!  Jean meantime has turned her doll around so we can glimps her face!  She's going to be a cracker!  Jean has great plans for this doll.

Raelene keeping an eye on the quilt, with Olive's doll making a clean sweep of things! Olive wants to reffle her doll at the Trillium Club she belongs to.  She's a keen gardener too!
 We had fun tonight!


jeanne said...

You all have done a fantastic job..I wish I was in your group...it does look like a very fun group...love your creations...jeanne

SFM Cloth dolls With Attitude! said...

The doll in the pink is Jeans. It's Jill Maas Dancing Doris - with a twist! She's going to have a swimming tube around her waist etc! You'll love it! Jean's good at makiong characters and has such a wonderful finish to her work. People always want to buy her stuff!