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Thursday, May 26, 2011

I'm off to Timaru today - having a day off from work to help my friend Mary Horn set up her painting Exhibition.  I'm quite excitied about it.  I can learn a lot from this exercise, as I want tp have an exhibition myself one day - it's on my list!  Who else has got a list?  Mary's Blog is down the dside of my page here, so check out her paintings!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

I just had to make this little bookworm too!  Terrible photo, but the dog.......you know?  The tassle on the camera was too much for her and the temptation of the bookworm had her squirming on the floor beside me while I was holding her down and taking a photo at the same time!  Then I had to take her for a walk so this is what I've got!  At least I feel like I've made something this weekend!

I've been making babies!  I call them 'Baby Buntings' of course! Sometimes I just have to make something small when big things seem too hard.  I was drawn by some fluffy fabric I had, so had to experiment.  It was successful so I went and bought more! 

These little cuties don't take long to make and would be nice as a a gift for a mum of a newborn!  I happened to have two little baskets and made them very comfortable, so they have been cooing and sleeping all afternoon!  Even my dog Pips liked them, but I had to whisk them away from her in a hurry!

I am making a pattern for them.  Their little faces are slightly sculpted to make them interesting.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

These are collages of Jeanne - the Innkeepers Wife made by some of my students and others who have used my pattern.  Aren't they amazingly all different!  You can click on the pictures to enlarge them.

I've put the bodies in because it shows the results you get from using different fabrics.  Some with two way stretch, some with ine way stretch and some with very little stretch.  It's good to have such an example to compare what results you want ot have. I have thoroughly enjoyed my involvement with all the dollmakers who have contacted me and shown me their creative works of art!  Thank you all!
For those who haven't yet tried my class, I hope you will consider doing so! 

It gives me great pleasure to present Jeanne Kalcevic's interpretation of my pattern Jeanne - the Innkeepers Wife!  Jeanne worked hard on this doll and persevered by makeing several heads to get it to a satisfying likeness.  she said she really enjoyed making it and now is waiting for me to make her counterpart - The Innkeeper!  Jeanne was the instigator for me making this pattern at all, so I dedicated the pattern to her for keeping me motivated!  I am so lucky to have such an online friend!  Thanks a million Jeanne! 

Monday, May 9, 2011

Sprite for May 2011
Inspired by the fabric - given by a friend, and made for another friend who will finish her with beading.  This is a fun doll to make - Patti Culea pattern of course.  The hair was a scrunchie!  Lends itself well to something a little wild!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Belle & Rita

Snail Races
In a far away time in the Dingly Dell,
Lived a magical fairy by the name of Belle.
With sparkling eyes and hair all afire,
winning a race was her fervent desire!
Her favourite mount was a snail named Rita,
the fastest in fairyland, no snail could beat her!
When race day came round, wee Belle was ready,
saddled up nicely, snail polished and steady!

The starter yelled GO! They set off for the race,
and Rita soon slithered at her fastest snail’s pace!
The time flew by, it seemed like hours,
As they slimed over rocks and slid past flowers.

Belle gurgled and laughed the whole day long,
And the Dingley Dell rang out with bird song!
The flowers in joy, gave their pollen and scent
as the bees bumbled throughout this happy event!

At the end of the day the fairies all cheered
as Belle and Rita, the home stretch they neared!
They passed the tall Iris beside the flat stone
and Belle giggled out loud as they snailed towards home!
Just another two inches, Blue Ribbon in sight,
Belle urged her mount Rita to show all her might....
They crossed it, they won it, the fairies went crazy,
they accepted the prize standing on a white daisy!

Belle bowed to the crowd and the cheering went up,
They won the Blue Ribbon and a dewed butter cup!
As dusk settles down the party will start
And Rita will munch on a whole lettuce heart!
Shan & Tree 2011

This is a fairy doll pattern by Sherry Goshon that I actually made in 2008.  Just found a doll challenge by her and didn't read it properly. Composed the poem, then read it was for 2007!  So I'm a wee bit out of date!  Not to worry, it was a fun way to spend a rainy afternoon!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Olive is making great progress with her doll.  There is more, but we have to preserve modesty just now!  Olive can get on with making her clothes now, so hopefully in the next few weeks.........  Meantime Jean's breaking from tradition and working on more than one doll at a time!  That's progress!  So nothing much to show this week, though I have been working on other things in the background.