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Friday, February 11, 2011

My First Online Class is on now!

I'm very excited to announce the Cloth Doll Artistry is hosting my first Online Class, Jeanne - the Innkeepers Wife!  This is great because I had trouble myself finding something that would extend my skills, so now I can offer it to anyone who wants to go a bit further with face sculpting and expression.  I actually didn;t know what I knew till I did it myself, which is ironical!  Now, others have the opportunity to try it out themselves and see what they are capable of too.  

Jeanne- The Innkeepers Wife!

Meantime, back to my old favourite Jill Maas patterns, and this is my interpretation of High Octave Hester again, renamed - "Great Aunt Harley!  I started by just making the bodice, and it all evolved from there - like they do! 
I think I spent more time making the fan than the rest of the doll! LOL! I'm not the worlds best embellisher I have to say, but sometimes I like to do something a bit finnicky!
Great Aunt Harley!


BumbleVee said...

one of those patterns I still look at and think...I want to do that doll! She's great.