SFM Cloth Dolls with Attitude! NZ

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Happy New Year!

Ah it's good to be back with my friends at Oamaru Cloth Doll Crafters! Got a good ring to it?  OCDC!   We were missing a few members, but this is what everyone bought for show and tell!  I'm delighted at the creativity and great work of these dollmakers!

Aren't they wonderful!  They've been very busy.  Jean has made The Muffin Man for a local Coffee shop.  He comes with a surprise when he's turned around!

Jean would be soooo embarrased if I presented the whole back view, suffice to say - he has all his bits and pieces!  He should be a good talking point at the Coffee Shop!  He is actually very well made and Jean always makes a very good job of what she undertakes to do. 

This delightful young thing(called Jezza-Belle I think) has just got great legs and her beautiful shoes are painted on - but you'd never know! 
She's sporting lucious sparkling eyelashes to flash too, so it's murder on the dance floor!  Adrianne is really getting in the swing of dollmaking now and is refining the details.  It's so exciting!