SFM Cloth Dolls with Attitude! NZ

Friday, December 17, 2010

This is a Boudoir Doll I've just finished from Antonette Cely's pattern.  A very interesting pattern with some good construction techniques.  I designed the dress, which has a rectangular skirt to make a lovely flare.  It hangs beautifully and was inspired by my original 1920's Boudoir Doll.  I made the dress from silk lining fabric over 20 years vintage.  Same with the hat - recylcled.  The red ribbon is at least 30 years old, so fitting for a doll of this romantic era.
Back view shows how beautifully the skirt drapes.

So Gracious, with such shapely legs and her bloomers just showing!

This Doll is 25 inches tall and sits well with her hands to prop her up for balance.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Fitzy - by Adrianne 2010
Adrianne is really getting into the swing of dollmaking now!  She made ths Ute Vasina Shortie to imitate someone she works with.  Great work Adrianne - right down to the logo!  I think Adrianne's having lots of fun now!

Angel Mandy 2010
This is a prim Angel I made for my sister Mandy for Xmas.  She wanted something simple.  I had fun making it for her and she loves it - so that's good!

Here's Jackie getting down to business wth her owl.  Can't wait to see the finished work! We have two new people just started to make dolls with us, who are already making great progress.  Hope to get some pics this week.  Then we'll stop for Xmas and start up again about mid January.

 Olive is making a little tutu for her lovely little Jill Maas Maggie doll.  It looks so cute in that shade of blue and she's done such a  good job on her!  Well done Olive!

Cliff - by Jean 2010
Isn't he a real 'Kiwi bloke'! Jean has made such a good job of him! Right down to his cigarette, jandals and a greenstone pendant round his neck. !  She's going to put a miniature lighter in his pocket for a finishing touch.  Love those nobbly knees!  LOL! He's so Cool!

Wee One
This doll is only five inches tall.  Doesn't matter how small they are, they still seeem to take the same amount of time to make!  Funny that!  Guess it's because it's a bit fiddly.