SFM Cloth Dolls with Attitude! NZ

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Steam Punk Exhibition

Here are three of our dolls as shown in the Steam Punk Exhibition 
An here's Jackies
Flambe Evereddy- guarding the entrance!
Can you see the brooch I made?  I have to brag ands say that the Jeweller, Ian Clark, One of the Steam Punk Imagineers, noticed it and spoke to me about it!  The circular piece is an old doorknob surround, a bit of velvet, an old earring, a bit of old brass chain, a button ring that belonged to my grandmother's hospital laundry uniform days and a fancy key - from the Warehouse!  Not to mention a piece of organza from a curtain!  Easy!  LOL!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

I've begun to make The Innkeeper.  He'll be a different body design from Jeanne- the Innkeepers Wife.  Hopefully about the same size though - so far so good! I'm making and writing as I go, so could take a while.  I'm making it in Quilters Muslin because his body is more covered than his wifes'. Quilters Muslin is not that different from velour in stretch, so it could be made in either.  For longevity velour would be best I think. At this stage I will do a lycra overlay on his head, to get a really good sculpted character.  We'll see!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Our First Display

Well it's finally happened! 
 OAMARU CLOTH DOLL GROUP dolls are kindly displayed by 'Enhance' this week!

Don't they all look fabulous!  I've been told people want to buy them! 
I delivered the last of our dolls to the Art Gallery today too and they tell me they are creating quite a stir amongst the Steam Punk Team!  The Steam Punk Exhibition begins on Saturday 23, but as it's Labour Weekend and all the dignatories will be away, they will defer all the Hoo Ha till the following week.  (I think that's what they said)  It's exciting to know that we have a wide variety of talent in this dedicated group of Cloth Dollmakers,  I'm so proud to say!  Well done all of you!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

About the work: With the ‘key thing’ firmly attached ‘Flambe Evereddy’ clutches her newly invented Spraygun as she scouts the interior of the gallery – seeking ‘Who-Knows-What’, that may be lurking amongst these strange structures, models and sculptures!

FlambĂ©’ is not about to give ‘the key thing’ up – for anything!

Well.......! Maybe for a good-looking someone...........maybe. Maybe.....Who-Knows-What! She treads carefully, alert and waiting for the next move, her daring unmatched in this cavernous place full of mysterious objects, and ‘Who-Knows-What is waiting around the next corner!

It's getting exciting now!  The Steam Punk Exhibition organisers are so positive about the work we are submitting!  This is Jackie's "Flambe Evereddy"!  I'll post more pics when the exhibition is on!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

This is a Velvetbrooch I made for my beloved sister "Tree"

Adrianne's creation - looking very stylish indeed, and as if she has something on her mind.........I wonder what?  Well done Adrianne!  I love your work - so great with details!

Some more of Adrianne's beautiful work that she does very well!  She's all prepared for Christmas!

This is Jean's entry for the Steam Punk Exhibition!  She's called "Inertia'!
About the work:  Disconcerted by the passage of time and all that she had yet to do, “Inertia” – ‘the go getter’ – felt frozen to the spot, as she felt  domesticity dragging at the hem of her skirt! Her heart’s desire is a longing for the freedom of a more adventurous life – one unhampered by the constraints she so often wears!  These thoughts are zinging through her brain while she stands transfixed by ‘this time, this place, this work’, and how she will see herself through it all into a much more interesting future!