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Monday, September 6, 2010

With a Steam Punk Attitude!
After standing for some time, surveying all the 'trappings' of her life, the light and the dark, Alabaster - the pure of heart- decides to take what was good from her past into her future, and to let go of what she no longer needs to hang on to. She will stand firm on her traditional foundation, but always looking forward, strengthened and fortified by her inner attitude, a freedom of spirit that she can pin her hopes on!

This is my interpretation of a Steam Punk Doll that I have put forward as an exhibit in the up-coming Steam Punk Exhibition to be held during the Victorian Celebrations held in Oamaru in November.  She is actually a pincushion!

Interesting process making this, keeping to the elements I was restricted to, but creating some artistic licence with ideas that just popped into my head.  I liked making up the 'play on words' that described what she was symbolising - tomorrow as it used to be!


fabricaddict said...

Hi Sharon, love this new doll she is awesome! Thanks for sharing
hugs di