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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Look who Jackie bought tonight!  He's a Jill Maas old fella from Frumpy Grump pattern!
Isn't he just wonderful!  Jackie's talent is really developing and her eye for detail is excellent!  She is critiquing her own work now!  That's a good sign!Look at that face!  And those braces!  Love the antique books!  Great finishing touch.

You have done so well Jackie!  He's delightful!Jean is making some African Dolls which are taking shape nicely!  Adrianne is carrying on with her Jill Maas doll which is going to be a very classy dame! Adrianne is really getting into embellishing in a big way now!
Olive is improving out of sight with her dollmaking skills - not to mention her embroidery skills!  She is making Jill Maas's Winnie Mae!  Olive loves her dolls so much she finds it hard to give them away - no wonder!  so much goes into them!  Well done Olive!


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