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Saturday, August 28, 2010

I needed to make a bench seat for Jeanne - the Innkeepers Wife!

So here is my badly made - but authentic looking - bench seat!  It's made from Balsa Wood with a scrap of boxwood top that looks worn.  Badfly painted, but I figured it would look more authentic that way and no-one will see it with her sitting on it! LOL!
It's a very simple design.  Because of the flimsy nature of the wood - and my craftmanship - I Gesso'd it, then painted it with Acrylic, then a topcoat of Mod Podge.
Seems to do the trick!  It's large enough and the right height for Jeanne to sit leaning forward on her left foot, so her chest is better displayed and her eyes in the right position for best effect.  I have taken the measurements and later, I will post it on my free patterns if anyone else wants to make one that might look better than mine!