SFM Cloth Dolls with Attitude! NZ

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sculpting sequence of Jeanne, The Innkeepers Wife face. I've just finished writing up the sequence - what a mission!  had to break it up into two parts so people wouldn't be put off !  This isn't all of it either!

Here the face begins to take on a bit of life with colour and already the cocky attitude is beginning to show!
Now this looks a little scary! Mod Podge on the eyes and lips. always be careful when using pen and Mod Podge.  the Mod Podge makes the ink run, so it should be dolloped on rather than brushed on, or you may find you have to re-draw the whole thing! 
All done! Look at that character! Reminds me of my Aunty Mabel!  Actually, her face turned out a lot sweeter than I intended it to, but however!  It shows that this doll can be whoever she wants to be!  A flower seller, a granny, a wise woman, a mum!
Before and after makeover! 
 If you double click on any of these pictures they will enlarge for a better view!