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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Here she is - all done!  Having a rest from her work while I slog on with the pattern!  She's way ahead of me!  She offered to wash that floor, but I though she should just rest up and keep me company till I get doen with the pattern, which could take till next weekend, depending how much I have on this week.  Then I'll probably have to make 'er 'usband!  Sigh..........! A designers work is never done!This is my original Innkeepers Wife made last year.  While it's exactly the same, it's totally different!  Just so you can see the difference, the one I've just completed is made from Lycra and the original one was made from Velour and didn't have a pattern because I made it up as I went. They both have the same hair, but sculpted differently.  The new one has more structure, but here are parts of both that I like.  Comments please?


Olivia said...

Both dolls are lovely. I understand when you say that the second one has more structure. It looks more tight and solid than the first one and her gestures are more defined. It's funny because that's something that I wouldn't attribute to Lycra!
Have a great Sunday!

SFM Cloth dolls With Attitude! said...

Thanks Olivia!