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Sunday, July 25, 2010

This is Jeanne - the Innkeepers Wife inspired by Les Miserable's.  Just finished this pattern today, 26 July 2010!  Quite pleased with this one.  My online friend Jeanne has been encouraging  me to make it and it has turned out better than the original one I made last year.  The pattern is now available for sale.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Boots or shoes or slippers? Make a Last!

I went the extra mile and made a Shoe Last for this task. This is useful, because I can make shoes to fit most 18 – 20 – 22 inch dolls using this last. I made the Last in the shape of a foot with a slightly raised heel, to take away the flatness and to allow a heel to go on the sole. I made the foot generic so it could be ‘left’ or ‘right’.

Boots, shoes, slippers, scuffs etc, can be made on this. I made the Last from polymer clay, as it seemed less likely to crumble because it is handled a lot – and sometimes dropped!

After setting it, I wrapped the Last in masking tape for (my) security! Remember if you make a Last, to have a base to stand it on, which helps when working on footwear. I just used a round piece with a dowel-sized hole and a shortened piece of dowel that the Last sits on, but footwear can be constructed on a Last without a stand. It would just be more fiddly.
• The base is approximately 10cms round, but any wood can be used to put the dowel in.
• The foot length of the last is roughly 8cms.
• From the base of the heel to the shin is 7cms.
• From the widest part of the ankle around the top of the foot is 9cms
• Around the widest part of the foot is 7.5cms.
• If making clay heels, measure the distance between the heel and the sole. On my Last the measurement is 1cm.

Making a Last for shoes or boots is not difficult and makes shoemaking so much more satisfying!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What character!  Vlad Dracula no less!  Pattern by Jane Coughlan. This rather impressive piece of doll art has been a work in progress for Jean, who has finally finished him - and in such great style!   She even made the coffin and crackled it for authenticity! 
And what do you think of this old darling?  Completed by Jackie, whos work is just taking off now as she gains confidence in her own abilities as a dollmaker!  The pattern is by Jill Maas of course, and Jackie has used her own alpaca's hair to give  that endearing look!  Well done Jackie!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Here she is - all done!  Having a rest from her work while I slog on with the pattern!  She's way ahead of me!  She offered to wash that floor, but I though she should just rest up and keep me company till I get doen with the pattern, which could take till next weekend, depending how much I have on this week.  Then I'll probably have to make 'er 'usband!  Sigh..........! A designers work is never done!This is my original Innkeepers Wife made last year.  While it's exactly the same, it's totally different!  Just so you can see the difference, the one I've just completed is made from Lycra and the original one was made from Velour and didn't have a pattern because I made it up as I went. They both have the same hair, but sculpted differently.  The new one has more structure, but here are parts of both that I like.  Comments please?

The boots!  Not very elegantly made, but she has to make do, after all, she's not all that well off and the Master of the 'Ouse probably stole them anyway!  They're hardly seen on the doll.

Sculpting sequence of Jeanne, The Innkeepers Wife face. I've just finished writing up the sequence - what a mission!  had to break it up into two parts so people wouldn't be put off !  This isn't all of it either!

Here the face begins to take on a bit of life with colour and already the cocky attitude is beginning to show!
Now this looks a little scary! Mod Podge on the eyes and lips. always be careful when using pen and Mod Podge.  the Mod Podge makes the ink run, so it should be dolloped on rather than brushed on, or you may find you have to re-draw the whole thing! 
All done! Look at that character! Reminds me of my Aunty Mabel!  Actually, her face turned out a lot sweeter than I intended it to, but however!  It shows that this doll can be whoever she wants to be!  A flower seller, a granny, a wise woman, a mum!
Before and after makeover! 
 If you double click on any of these pictures they will enlarge for a better view!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Shes just larking about in her undies now - trying on hairdo's!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Well here  is Jeanne with arms and legs.  Just needs a hand to put her head on now!  She doesn't look unhappy!  I gave her clay kneecaps, but not necessary as the dress will cover her knees.  I need to adjust her neck with a bit of nip and tuck before I put her head on. Yes I like to play with my dolls!  You'll notice I have coloured between the breasts.  I used prisma pencil to give that shadow that enhances the contours of the breast.  I will use it between the fingers too.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Shery' D'Ath  from the North of NZ made most of these dolls from my patterns of Krista, Dance Like no one is Watching and Jessie.
I love the way she interprets them.Sheryl has comes from a bear making tradition and has applied some of those techniques to doll making with great and unique results!

 This little girl doll with her teddy and cats is also Sheryl's interpretation of "Jessie."
This really "with it' young chick was made by Patricia Young of Westport!  She's from my "Dance like no one is watching!" pattern.  So Cool!
 This is an alternative face Sheryl made for the Dance pattern, which shows some pattern versatility!  Not to mention Sheryl's artistic expression! Divine! Love it Sheryl!

I was delighted with this rendition of my pattern "Jack"  Look at Sheryl's bears!  Arent they fantastic!  She's so clever!  There is a link to Sheryl's site on this blog.  Check it out!

Only Jean and I braved the cold this week, so Jean got more done to her amazingly dramatic figure of Dracula, who has a good dollop of Mod Podge on his eyes!  She got the ears done too, but said she will put them on for next week. Looking great Jean!  Love those eyebrows!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

The beginning phase.  Most sculpting has been completed and you get an idea of how it could look.Here is the velour face to compare with the Lycra face.  I thought this was alright till I made the Lycra face.  Mind you - I've learned a lot since then too!

The Second phase.  Most of the colour has been applied and the eyes and mouth have had their first coat of Mod Podge.  Scary eh?That's more like it! The character is starting to show!  The three phase journey to facial sculpting and colouring!  This is the head of my new doll and pattern "Jeanne - The Innkeepers Wife" coming together nicely.  The sculpting sequence as written down might look scary when you first see it, but one must remember to take it all slowly and remember these pics are here for reference!