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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Design your own clothes for Krista!

This is a pattern for a variety of tops that can be used as tops vest or dress tops. I have drawn out a variety of necklines to trace out. The sides can be straight or fitted. You can make a bra. Or an evening dress strapless or with straps. Round, vee, square or heart shaped neckline. Three different waist lengths. I advise making an initial top from calico first to try for fit. The pattern may need adjusting to fit your doll.• To make a dress, follow the line down with a ruler to the length you wish. Make it longer so you can adjust for hems.

• You can make the dress all in one piece, in which case, follow that dart right down to a point. Or you can make a two piece.

• You can use this pattern to make contemporary clothing or historical clothing and underwear.

• The sleeves show two different shapes. The top one will make the sleeves puffier.

• To make them even puffier, extend the line under the arm out by a few cms and add another line above the one I have drawn. Adjust the side line accordingly.

• The lower line will make the sleeve more fitted.

• Look at fashion sites for ideas, and sewing sites for sewing techniques.

• If you can think of anything else I should add to this, email me please with your suggestion and I’ll put it in.
Double-click on the pattern and enlarge it to print out the correct size.  Please let me know if this works?