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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Look at the detail on Skye's feet!  And the Jeans!
On go the eyelashes!  Carol's doll Felicity is getting all dolled up for the Races!  We did get the hair and hat on, but we'll get those pics later!  She is fabulous!  Well done Carol!
 A face in the making.  Olive's doll is taking a little longer and we'll get more photo's soon.

Meet Adrian's doll Sandy, who has had a lot of expert input into her dress design - and wonderful iot is too!  Great job Adrian!  I love the hair and what you did wiutgh her shoes!  Very well done!   Fiona,  Jean's Wise Woman of the forest is a real pleasure to behold!  Beautifully made doll!  I love Jeans medieval dress that she designed herself and the colour combination  and embellishments are perfect!

Here are the Class Dolls!

Here's Jackie's interpretation of Krista - meet Skye!Jackie's made toes in cork soled Sandals!  Her hair is made from Jackie's own Alpacas hair.  I designed the jeans and top pattern and Jackie did all the rest!  So effective!   Jackie's developing her dollmaking skills quickly now.  It's a great look and I'm really impressed!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ok.  I changed it around again!  Now it looks much better don't you think?

Nearly finished these class dolls!

The class has taken longer than anticipated to complete this doll.  I planned for six weeks, and we are up to eight next week and only just completed most of the heads!  I've learned a lot - about my pattern - about different learning styles - about going with the flow and keeping up the momentum!  I've thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the women in the group have 'clicked' well. 

Carol has designed a fabulous dress for her doll!
Jean is counting out her Treasures.  I love how she is interpreting her doll.  She has a flair for colour!
Adrian is already teaching what she has learned to Olive!  Isn't it amazing!  I hope to get a picture of all the dolls next week!  I am impressed with what these clever women have done!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Art Deco Dress for Krista

I wanted to show how versatile this doll could be, so have made a pattern of an Art Deco dress, Petticoat,  Handbag and Hat.  I made it up and dressed her in it.  She needed a hat, so I gave her my favourite felt -kind of Cloche hat, and added white ribbons to her shoes to give a 30's style look.  Her bag is fun to make too!  I think I could make a series of clothes for this doll!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

How to buy my patterns.

You can buy my patterns directly through me if you have a Paypal account - just email me clothdollswithattitude09@gmail.com

You can email me and deposit the money directly into my bank account.

You can buy my patterns from:

    They can stand & sit and bend!  Some have shoes on!  It all depends on how much stuffing they have and how their limbs are placed as to how - or whether they stand.  When putting the legs on, make sure the front seams are both at the same angle on both sides.  Not one hip up and the other down slightly.  Same with the arms. 

    The class dolls are coming along nicely and already developing their own 'look'!

    Friday, March 5, 2010

    This is Claudia with her birthday doll!