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Friday, December 17, 2010

This is a Boudoir Doll I've just finished from Antonette Cely's pattern.  A very interesting pattern with some good construction techniques.  I designed the dress, which has a rectangular skirt to make a lovely flare.  It hangs beautifully and was inspired by my original 1920's Boudoir Doll.  I made the dress from silk lining fabric over 20 years vintage.  Same with the hat - recylcled.  The red ribbon is at least 30 years old, so fitting for a doll of this romantic era.
Back view shows how beautifully the skirt drapes.

So Gracious, with such shapely legs and her bloomers just showing!

This Doll is 25 inches tall and sits well with her hands to prop her up for balance.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Fitzy - by Adrianne 2010
Adrianne is really getting into the swing of dollmaking now!  She made ths Ute Vasina Shortie to imitate someone she works with.  Great work Adrianne - right down to the logo!  I think Adrianne's having lots of fun now!

Angel Mandy 2010
This is a prim Angel I made for my sister Mandy for Xmas.  She wanted something simple.  I had fun making it for her and she loves it - so that's good!

Here's Jackie getting down to business wth her owl.  Can't wait to see the finished work! We have two new people just started to make dolls with us, who are already making great progress.  Hope to get some pics this week.  Then we'll stop for Xmas and start up again about mid January.

 Olive is making a little tutu for her lovely little Jill Maas Maggie doll.  It looks so cute in that shade of blue and she's done such a  good job on her!  Well done Olive!

Cliff - by Jean 2010
Isn't he a real 'Kiwi bloke'! Jean has made such a good job of him! Right down to his cigarette, jandals and a greenstone pendant round his neck. !  She's going to put a miniature lighter in his pocket for a finishing touch.  Love those nobbly knees!  LOL! He's so Cool!

Wee One
This doll is only five inches tall.  Doesn't matter how small they are, they still seeem to take the same amount of time to make!  Funny that!  Guess it's because it's a bit fiddly.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

My friend Kris had a stall at the Victorian Fete this month and she allowed me to showcase some of my dolls so I could encourage people to come and make dolls with me! Kris made all the other dolls and altogether we did well enough.  I'm pleased to say we attracted at least two people to come and make dolls, so that was very worth while for me!

Meet 'Owlish'!  He came together quite quickly from an idea I saw, and is sculpted from an old jersey.  He's very distinguished as befits his Wisdom status and his heart is worn out - as you can see, though he has feet of clay!

I played around with this doll for ages before I found something that would make it work.  Then  trying to remain multicultural and not offend any cultures, I named it 'Ciceroni' meaning guide - as in 'tourist guide'!LOL! I have since added some gold dangling beading to her hipline and now she really looks like she could show us a thing or two!  In her hand she holds a numbered wish list!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Winnie & Winston
I had a play with a Prim doll just for fun!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Steam Punk Exhibition

Here are three of our dolls as shown in the Steam Punk Exhibition 
An here's Jackies
Flambe Evereddy- guarding the entrance!
Can you see the brooch I made?  I have to brag ands say that the Jeweller, Ian Clark, One of the Steam Punk Imagineers, noticed it and spoke to me about it!  The circular piece is an old doorknob surround, a bit of velvet, an old earring, a bit of old brass chain, a button ring that belonged to my grandmother's hospital laundry uniform days and a fancy key - from the Warehouse!  Not to mention a piece of organza from a curtain!  Easy!  LOL!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

I've begun to make The Innkeeper.  He'll be a different body design from Jeanne- the Innkeepers Wife.  Hopefully about the same size though - so far so good! I'm making and writing as I go, so could take a while.  I'm making it in Quilters Muslin because his body is more covered than his wifes'. Quilters Muslin is not that different from velour in stretch, so it could be made in either.  For longevity velour would be best I think. At this stage I will do a lycra overlay on his head, to get a really good sculpted character.  We'll see!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Our First Display

Well it's finally happened! 
 OAMARU CLOTH DOLL GROUP dolls are kindly displayed by 'Enhance' this week!

Don't they all look fabulous!  I've been told people want to buy them! 
I delivered the last of our dolls to the Art Gallery today too and they tell me they are creating quite a stir amongst the Steam Punk Team!  The Steam Punk Exhibition begins on Saturday 23, but as it's Labour Weekend and all the dignatories will be away, they will defer all the Hoo Ha till the following week.  (I think that's what they said)  It's exciting to know that we have a wide variety of talent in this dedicated group of Cloth Dollmakers,  I'm so proud to say!  Well done all of you!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

About the work: With the ‘key thing’ firmly attached ‘Flambe Evereddy’ clutches her newly invented Spraygun as she scouts the interior of the gallery – seeking ‘Who-Knows-What’, that may be lurking amongst these strange structures, models and sculptures!

FlambĂ©’ is not about to give ‘the key thing’ up – for anything!

Well.......! Maybe for a good-looking someone...........maybe. Maybe.....Who-Knows-What! She treads carefully, alert and waiting for the next move, her daring unmatched in this cavernous place full of mysterious objects, and ‘Who-Knows-What is waiting around the next corner!

It's getting exciting now!  The Steam Punk Exhibition organisers are so positive about the work we are submitting!  This is Jackie's "Flambe Evereddy"!  I'll post more pics when the exhibition is on!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

This is a Velvetbrooch I made for my beloved sister "Tree"

Adrianne's creation - looking very stylish indeed, and as if she has something on her mind.........I wonder what?  Well done Adrianne!  I love your work - so great with details!

Some more of Adrianne's beautiful work that she does very well!  She's all prepared for Christmas!

This is Jean's entry for the Steam Punk Exhibition!  She's called "Inertia'!
About the work:  Disconcerted by the passage of time and all that she had yet to do, “Inertia” – ‘the go getter’ – felt frozen to the spot, as she felt  domesticity dragging at the hem of her skirt! Her heart’s desire is a longing for the freedom of a more adventurous life – one unhampered by the constraints she so often wears!  These thoughts are zinging through her brain while she stands transfixed by ‘this time, this place, this work’, and how she will see herself through it all into a much more interesting future!

Monday, September 6, 2010

With a Steam Punk Attitude!
After standing for some time, surveying all the 'trappings' of her life, the light and the dark, Alabaster - the pure of heart- decides to take what was good from her past into her future, and to let go of what she no longer needs to hang on to. She will stand firm on her traditional foundation, but always looking forward, strengthened and fortified by her inner attitude, a freedom of spirit that she can pin her hopes on!

This is my interpretation of a Steam Punk Doll that I have put forward as an exhibit in the up-coming Steam Punk Exhibition to be held during the Victorian Celebrations held in Oamaru in November.  She is actually a pincushion!

Interesting process making this, keeping to the elements I was restricted to, but creating some artistic licence with ideas that just popped into my head.  I liked making up the 'play on words' that described what she was symbolising - tomorrow as it used to be!

Friday, September 3, 2010

This is Jackie's delightful interpretation of Jill Maas pattern for Maggie!  We have fun with Angels and other little beings in the making, in our group!

What's this?

Who are you gonna be?

This is Jeans' wonderful interpretation of a Herero woman and child. So graceful, colourful and tender!
 Jean put so much time and effort into this beautiful work of art she created and we are all very impressed with her results!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

I needed to make a bench seat for Jeanne - the Innkeepers Wife!

So here is my badly made - but authentic looking - bench seat!  It's made from Balsa Wood with a scrap of boxwood top that looks worn.  Badfly painted, but I figured it would look more authentic that way and no-one will see it with her sitting on it! LOL!
It's a very simple design.  Because of the flimsy nature of the wood - and my craftmanship - I Gesso'd it, then painted it with Acrylic, then a topcoat of Mod Podge.
Seems to do the trick!  It's large enough and the right height for Jeanne to sit leaning forward on her left foot, so her chest is better displayed and her eyes in the right position for best effect.  I have taken the measurements and later, I will post it on my free patterns if anyone else wants to make one that might look better than mine!

The difference between 'scared' and 'sacred' is often the way we 'c' things!

Talent hits a target no one else can hit.
Genius hits a target no one else can see.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

I cleaned up my room!  Well kind of!  I did throw a bit of stuff out, rearranged some stuff, relocated some stuff and cleaned things, so it does look much better.  Well I had to make some room for my new laser printer and USB cables are so short!  What a mission!

Jean and I had an opportunity to show off our dolls at a Multicultural afternoon recently.  Naturally - Jean took the photo's!  I talked about the culture of dolls and and a little history.  People bought their own dolls for display and there were some lovely old dolls there.
Believe it or not - this is a doll!  Some of the women and children had a hard time putting it down!  One little girl nursed it throughout the afternoon!  Some couldn't handle it at all - eh Jean!
I got to show off my 1920's French Boudoir Doll!
Here my Horrible Toad comes under examination from a very discerning woman, fascinated by the sculpting of the legs!

The afternoon flew, we talked to everyone and ate too much!  Our first exhibition!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Look who Jackie bought tonight!  He's a Jill Maas old fella from Frumpy Grump pattern!
Isn't he just wonderful!  Jackie's talent is really developing and her eye for detail is excellent!  She is critiquing her own work now!  That's a good sign!Look at that face!  And those braces!  Love the antique books!  Great finishing touch.

You have done so well Jackie!  He's delightful!Jean is making some African Dolls which are taking shape nicely!  Adrianne is carrying on with her Jill Maas doll which is going to be a very classy dame! Adrianne is really getting into embellishing in a big way now!
Olive is improving out of sight with her dollmaking skills - not to mention her embroidery skills!  She is making Jill Maas's Winnie Mae!  Olive loves her dolls so much she finds it hard to give them away - no wonder!  so much goes into them!  Well done Olive!