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Friday, January 16, 2015

Tweedle Dum & Tweedle Dee complete!

Here are my two little optimist & pessimist Needlesculpted dolls that I have just finished!

I am quite pleased with them!  Now - the Cheshire cat!  That will be a challenge I think.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Tweedles coming together!

 I finished one of the little Tweedles today and set him the task of holding his brothe's neck while I threaded the needle!  He just happened to be the right height! They are already close!  I am enjoying making these and think I will make a few more, as I could have sold them several times today as I worked on them at TOTE!  The extra head I had has gone to a new home!  Someone loved it, so I gave it to her!

On to the next bit now, while they are still friends!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Tweedle two and three!

Looking dapper chaps!
Carrying on - I constructed a body and limbs.  The original legs were too short, so lengthened them and put in a good strong armature, because it could be top heavy!  

I was not happy with the second head, so made a third!  You can never have enough heads!  This one is much better and both these faces have a childlike look, where the other didn't, so I have decided he can be Father William - and stand on his head!  LOL!  Why not!  Nothing's wasted!

Here's a view of the body.  Just need to finish his braces and make shoes.  These ones will have caps!  Why not indeed!  
Just reading something of these little characters, they are two brothers who agree to have a battle, but never have one.  They never contradict each other but are always arguing or playing. One is usually frowning and pessimistic and the other more hopeful and optimistic! Interesting little characters!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Tweedles Dum & Dee

These two  are the start of my first two dolls for the new year!  I don;t know how they will turn out, so I will just plod along with them.  Head one turned out to be smaller for some reason, proving that even though the head size and shape is the same for both, they certainly bear no resemblance!  In the big scheme of things that won't be a problem by the time I have finished!

They both have different expressions.  I just wish it wasn;t bedtime, so I could carry on now!  I have been waiting for inspiration to arrive and now I just want to do it!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

 I am delighted to share these pictures with you of the doll made from my pattern Miss Kate!

The doll is beautifuly made by Judi Lennon
 Judi has used lovely fabrics to show off this Victorian Miss and has used another technique to make her head movable, which adds to the pose!
 Here is a close up of her face.  I see she even has a beauty spot!  Isn't she delightful?
Well done Judi! I think you have made a great job of her!  Thank you for sharing it with me and allowing me to show it here!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Steampunk Octopus!

I've been having fun making this Steampunk Octopus, designed by Susan Barmore, of Frowning Frances Patterns!  I love Susan's work and have made several crows - and magpies!
   So after I had stuffed it and added the suckers, here it is Gesso'd and hanging to dry!
 Dry and waiting for painting
 Painted black and grey.
 Don't know what happened with the colouring here, but it is grey, not blue on the underside!
Had fun finding bits and pieces to make the eye.  Used a large ring of some sort, a curtain ring and a done after I had marked the sides of the clay.  I inset a plastic dolls eye under the rings.

Here is the finished Steam Punk Octopus!  

With Elena's doll Pippi, who is not in the least scared of this wild creature!

Friday, November 21, 2014

The gifts

Look who arrived at my place during the week!  Pippi Longstockings!

She made herself right at home!

 Sprawled all over the floor!  The dog was well behaved!

 Gave some cheek to Marie Antoinette!

And when she unpacked her bag - all this wonderful stuff came out!  She's telling me that my friend Elena Makarova sent it all to me from Russia! Fabrics I haven;t seen here and souvenirs, a delightful little Martryoshka doll with five tiny dolls inside - love those, and a beautifuly warm neck scarf!  Such unexpected pleasures!  Did I mention chocolate too!  I'm so spoilt!

I love the way this wee doll bends and moves about in great poses!  Elena tells me she is a Jill Maas pattern who she turned into Pippi Longstockings!  Elena also sent me the fabric she made her from too - a nice one-way stretch, knit fabric that I have not seen here, but will look out for!  She sent me other fabrics too, that I will have fun with!

Thank you so much Elena!  Marie Antoinette will be making her way to you in exchange shortly!